Your people are stronger together.

Unite your team, streamline operations, build a more successful future.

Your people are stronger together! Sustainable Go To Market Tools.

Your team works best when it works together. Using the tools found in Envoy B2B, sales and marketing teams can collaborate on creating impactful assets that empower reps and energize retailers. Because a team aligned on the same goals will take your wholesale forward.

Align your team.
Digital Workbooks
Marketing and Sales, in the drivers’ seat together, building opportunities to engage retailers and grow order volume.
Visual Merchandising
Building better assets through collaboration. With the right feedback from your sales team, marketing can build powerful assets for premier merchandising experiences.

“By leveraging Envoy B2B, we were able to successfully adjust our go-to-market strategy to launch our first digital brand conference. Ultimately, we were able to go from ‘survival mode’ to ‘thrive mode’ by aligning our teams to a digital mindset and taking advantage of digital tools like Envoy B2B’s platform."

Dee Slater, CIO Wolverine Worldwide

Wholesale Forward with Envoy B2B

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