Retailer’s Challenge Report: 2022 Edition

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  • The top 3 challenges from retailers. 
  • What happened to wholesale growth over the past year.
  • How brands and retailers persevered despite the challenges.
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The top 3 problems encountered when working with a brand:

Limited inventory, availability/lack of products: 46%
Problems with getting product ordered and delivered to me on time: 25%
No accurate visibility into inventory: 16%

We've Got The Features To Modernize Your Brand

Streamline your wholesale channel

Create sustainable go-to-market tools

Digitally enable your reps

Modern replenishment and prebook order capture


Account segmentation and unique pricing
Quick replenishment orders
Real time inventory availability
Prebook order capture
Visually merchandise orders
Recommend orders
Performance analytics and reporting
Discounts & promotions
Collect payment with CC and ACH

Digital cataloging, merchandising, content destination


Digital catalog builder
Printable PDF exports
Showroom wholesale digital storefront
Visual merchandising and line planning
Content sharing and asset management
Content performance analytics and reporting

Kick open more doors, and put the right product in each one


Mobile first content and commerce app
Digital presentation and story telling
Replenishment and prebook order recommendations
Easy content sharing
Assortment recommendations
Assortment campaigns
Account Insights and activity
Monitor rep performance and activity

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